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We thank the Almighty, who has spared and guided us all these years and who, in His infinite mercy, gives us the strength, guidance and wisdom to carry on with the vision of our fore-fathers who so unselfishly devoted their time and energy to secure us a place in cricketing history.


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History / Background

The Ottoman Cricket Club, which derived its name from the great Ottoman Empire, was founded in 1882 by Mr Abdullah Agmat a.k.a ‘Boeta Plaat’, in the Bo-Kaap. For approximately 60 years, during the early years of the club’s existence, all meetings took place at 23 Pentz Street and thereafter at 82 Dorp Street.

The Club produced many talented players, but due to the apartheid era, they were not afforded a fair opportunity to excel at the game of cricket. During the golden era, 1929 – 1947, Ottoman CC won the championship for eight successive seasons and completely dominated cricket in the Western Province during this period.

Some notable names during this era includes; Salie Salie, Kahaar Alexander, Saait van Haaght and Moutie du Toit. These players’ individual performances ensured that the Western Province team emerged victorious over their counterparts, Transvaal, in the Barney Barnato Tournament in 1945/6. Salie won the batting award with the highest score of 101 not out, Alexander won the bowling award while van Haaght was runner up in both the batting and bowling averages.

New beginnings

The Club unfortunately had to relocate as a result of the forced removals, which in itself had a devastating effect on the membership of the Club and resulted in the loss of playing and practice facilities. It was only through the sheer determination and selfless attitude of the administrators at the time that the Club managed to battle on for survival. The challengers faced by the club are reminiscent of the battles faced by Hassan Howa, one of the most influential activists in the cricketing fraternity, who had relentlessly fought for multi-racial inclusion and representation in sports.

The Club relocated to its current location in Diamant Road Surrey Estate. The clubhouse was built through the sterling efforts and determination of certain members who have a long-standing history with the club. The clubhouse was appropriately named Hassan Howa Pavilion – Home of Ottoman Cricket Club to honour the memory of Hassan Howa.

Ottoman Cricket Club had several players representing them at different levels of provincial cricket. Following are some of the individuals that achieved this accolade

Shamil Jassiem, Faghme Solomons, Rashaad Salie, Salie     Salie, Shafiek Salie, Ebrahiem "Barney" Mohammed, Noeg Martin, Ebrahiem "Pie" Gafieldien, Gameem Khan, Armien   Jabaar, Abdul Haq Ahmed "Jack" Manack, Farhaan Behardien, Wasfee Samsodien, Moegamat Qaasim Adams, Waleed Samsodien. Taahir Adams, Muneer Holmes, Ismail Gafieldien, Nazeem  Amod, Riyaad Abrahams, Zarier Fredericks, Sadiek Davids, Tohir Abrahams, Mujahid Isaacs, Taariq Behardien, Rafiq Hassen, Firaaz Booley, Yusrie Barodien. Amongst the current juniors that represented WP teams are the likes of Ismail Gafieldien, Ismail Prince and Mujahid Toffar, Abubaker Samsodien, Abdul Azeez Slamdien, Yaseen Parker. Amongst the current girls that represented WP teams are the likes of Rachmah Peters and Gadijah Slamdien.

Players that have gone on to represent South Africa includes Wasfee Samsodien (SA U19) and Farhaan Behardien (Current South African team).

The club has not had the luxury of an abundance of funds, due to a lack of notable sponsorship/s. This has necessitated the grooming and preservation of young talent by creating an environment and atmosphere that is unrivalled. To truly understand this concept, one has to be a member of the Ottoman Cricket Club. The Ottoman Cricket Club is not merely a club, it is a family. These sentiments were clearly evident in the speech delivered by the President of WPCA, Mr Beresford Williams, at our 2013 awards ceremony.

Mr Williams praised the Ottoman Cricket Club for their achievements and longevity. He said the senior members are always respectable during council meetings and accepted rulings for and against the club in good faith. He also said that the junior structure is always well organised and represented at youth cricket. He praised the hospitality that he has come to know during his long standing relationship with the club, whether at an official club function or during games played at Hassan Howa Pavilion.

Many a player who has joined the club from another club has done so without any remuneration. The club understands that the game of cricket has developed into a very professional sport, even at club level. The financial status of the club does not allow the club to compete with other clubs in luring players by means of payment to join the club. This being said, the club has done extremely well in competing in the 1B Division. This has been achieved through the efforts of players wanting to be part of the Ottoman family, without being paid. For them, donning the Ottoman Cricket Club logo is sufficient reward at the end of the day.

To put in perspective this notion, at our 2013 awards we paid tribute to two of our stalwarts in the senior teams, Taahir Adams and Sadiek Davids. Both these players gave immense contributions in ensuring the club remained competitive in the 1B League. Adams has been affiliated to the club for at least 20 years. Like many other players, his father also donned the Ottoman Cricket Club logo before him.

Sadiek in his speech reminisced on the passing of his mother a few years back, during the height of the cricket season. Her Janaazah (funeral) took place after Thuhr (midday prayer) some 20km from where the senior team was playing on that day. An emotional Davids said: “When I turned to the back, the entire first team had left the game and was there for Salaah-tul-Janaazah (prayer on the deceased). These are not things that friends do; these are things that BROTHERS do!”

Club Structure

The Ottoman Cricket Club consists of four senior teams while the Ottoman Youth cricket boasts 11 junior teams, with a few girls also playing in the junior teams. This bodes well for the future of the club, as many juniors have come through the ranks to represent the senior teams.

The most senior team competed in the 1C League for a number of years and the determination and self-belief of the players, under the guidance of OCC Head Coach Wasfee Samsodien, were the reason for them becoming the 1C League Champions during the 2010/2011 season and thus gaining promotion to the 1B League.

The second team participated in the Reserve C Division and gained promotion to the Reserve B Division and in the very next year got promoted to the Reserve A Division.

The third team is currently playing in the Reserve F Division and consists of a number of players coming through the youth structures. Their gradual exposure to senior cricket will undoubtedly equip them with the necessary skills to represent the more senior teams when the opportunity presents itself.

The fourth team participated in the 3B Division and gained promotion and is now competing in the 3A Division. The team also consists of a number of players from the youth structures.

The aim of Ottoman CC is to nurture and develop the young talent through proper development strategies. Promotion to the 1A League would be a dream come true for Ottoman CC and we our strategy and tactics are in place to achieve this in the next two years.. Furthermore, having all the senior teams participating in the most senior team within their respective divisions is what the OCC ultimately aims to achieve.

The highlights of the past decade included participating in the biennial International Malay Cricket Tournament (IMCT), both locally and abroad. The IMCT is a tournament played between Malaysians, South Africans and Sri Lankans. The South Africans, under the auspices of Ottoman CC, have been victorious in 2002, 2006 and 2012.

The Ottoman 1st XI emerged victorious in the Inaugural WPCA Pro20 tournament and also won the WPCA 1C League to gain Promotion to the 1B League in the 2010/2011 season. Ottoman CC launched their Heritage Trophy tournament in 2012 and also emerged victorious over their counterparts.

We offer

The Ottoman Cricket Club membership is made up of predominantly muslims from across the Cape Town area and is situated in Surrey Estate, also a large local muslim community. Although we are not the only predominantly muslim club, no other club affiliated to the WPCA have an annual Ghatam Al Quraan (recital of the entire Quran) during the holy month of Ramadaan (month of fasting).

For the annual Ghatam Al Quraan hosted in our clubhouse, members are requested to recite a portion of the Quran, with the last few Surah (chapters) being recited on the day of the programme. Thereafter a short Athkaar (prayer session) is made and some Nasiegah (advice) is given. The members then enjoy Iftaar (breaking of fast), which is contributed by all. Taraweeg Salaah (special paryer during the month of fasting), led by club members, is performed in the clubhouse’s Salaah Ghaana (prayer area) before the programme is concluded.

The club also hosts a community Ghatam Al Quraan in a mosque every 5 years. The Ghatam Al Quraan is recited by prominent religious leaders and ghufaath (scholars who memorized the entire Quran). The programme is well attended by many individuals throughout the cricketing fraternity and many a player of yesteryear will be found amongst the attendees.

Future Plans

The club has development plans that they would like to pursue in the future. These plans include the proposal to have the culvert, running adjacent to the field, closed with a platform which would serve as a playing surface. This will allow for the extension of the B-field, as the size of the current B-field is inadequate. It will also allow for two senior teams to play home at the same time. Currently this is not possible without the one field encroaching onto the other field.

Phase 2

There are plans to develop Phase 2 of the clubhouse, which includes the following:

Ø Indoor practice nets for a junior cricket academy,

Ø Other indoor sporting codes,

Ø A 300 seat hall for community functions,

Ø A 30-bed hostel to accommodate touring teams and

Ø A gymnasium.

Phase 2 will require a considerable amount of funding, as mentioned earlier, this is something that the club unfortunately does not have an abundance of. It is for this reason that Phase 2 cannot proceed past the conceptual phase. The facility will form part of the Club’s Social Responsibility Programme (SRP), which is to get the youth off the street corners, drugs and drug trafficking and get them involved in sport. The successful completion of Phase 2 would allow the club to generate funds from the proceeds of the facility and contribute towards the club becoming more self-sufficient.

46664 Cricket Concept

The Ottoman CC has registered a very ingenious concept with the Mandela Foundation that will pay tribute to the late Mr Nelson Mandela. The concept is the brain child of our President, Mr Rydwaun Salie, who is very passionate about getting it off the ground. The rules that will govern the game are drawn from key aspects in the life of Mr Mandela.

The concept has been forwarded to the national cricketing fraternity, but unfortunately we have not received the assistance that we were hoping to get from them. We are looking at presenting the concept to the likes of Dubai, India, etc. and we are sure that it will be readily accepted and supported.

It is our vision that the successful launch of this tournament will propel the Club (and our Sponsor) into the international cricketing limelight. This will result in us being able to achieve our goals of giving back to our local communities, as we would have the necessary resources at our disposal.


A few of the notable achievements that the club has reached in its 131 year history includes;



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Town Challenge, Grand Challenge, Town Challenge K.O & Grand   Challenge K.O Winners



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