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Wielders of the Willow

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Wielders of_the_Willow

As sportsman we are all driven by our competitive nature. That very nature that feeds off our desire to win, and at the same time, that fear most of us have of losing. Which emotion wins, depends on our attitude when pitching up on game day – be it for cricket, soccer, rugby etc.

We play this beautiful game of cricket not only because we love it, but because we have the ability to do so. The great leveller as we know it to be and the very game that can bring you joy and sadness that others will never understand.

OCC is not just a cricket club. We don’t have the best facilities and we certainly don’t boast the most luscious green grass that you’ll find at other cricket clubs. What we do have though is the “gees”. Take away all our politics (which mind you other clubs have too) and all the drama we have to endure when playing home games – none of that gets in the way when we take the field as a team, sulk together as a team and more importantly – when we ‘gie us uit’ as a team after a hard fought victory.

As much as we’d like to think that sport is all about winning – and believe me I do too, it’s not always about the accolades at the end of the day. More so, it’s about what you as an individual have improved in your game over that season and what you contributed to the team to make it either succeed or fail. Success is not dependant on winning the league or promotion in this case, but how you as a team carried yourself throughout the season. Introspection is never an easy thing and admitting to one’s faults is as difficult as you getting the perfect wicket at the SCG (Surrey Estate Cricket Ground). No matter if you’ve been an OCC player for all your club life or joined from another club, or played in a higher or lower division - it’s not the club that is responsible for your performance or achievements but your own mentality when taking the field in that baggy blue. OCC is not just about the cricket - you’ve heard many guys say this and that can only mean that it’s true. It’s about the comrade, the brotherhood, the family, the friends and “the gees” that we bring. Something that OCC has that no other club can offer. We aren’t a name brand club, but believe me when I say that you are amongst some of the most talented cricketers to have played at club level.

It’s been a highly competitive 2012/2013 season with many ups and downs, but one we can walk away from with heads held high. We’ve basked in the glory of victories and sulked in the eyes of defeat – not only as teammates but as OCC players. We congratulated milestones, be it a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th team player and gave due where it was rightfully deserved. Despite what happens over the next two weeks of cricket as we have 3 teams playing for promotion – this is your time to play as if the world is watching. Back yourself and your ability. Play fearless cricket and go out there and prove why you’ll rather be out in the sun than enjoying the beaches Cape Town has to offer. Our Coach reminds us of this week in and week out and I think we owe it to him to do just that.

So whether you stay an OCC member for the season to come or choose to apply your skills elsewhere, remember there’s only one ‘gees’ and you’re not finding it anywhere else but at the Hassan Howa Pavilion!

In conclusion – to our very own Cape Cobra, Qasim Adams who represented OCC for the past two seasons – how fitting an end to have your cricket aspirations reached while playing for the club your family holds so dear to their hearts. To you we wish the very best of luck at the Titans and we make duah that it brings you many runs and lots of success Inshaa Allah.

Our blood is forever blue!

(Isgak Martin)


Last Updated on Tuesday, 19 March 2013 19:38